Mr. Liu Zhong Qiu was appointed as Chief Operating Officer on 19 November 2013 and to the Board as Executive Director on 2 December 2013. Mr Liu’s main responsibilities include overseeing the business operations of the Group. Mr Liu has 43 years of experience in the petroleum industry. Right after his graduation, he spent 14 years working in CNPC’s oil and gas geophysical exploration company and left as Director General. In 1993, Mr. Liu started to work in South America, in Peru Talara Oil Fields as the General Manager, and in Venezuela Calecoles and Inercomper North Oil Fields as the Vice President. In 1999, Mr. Liu joined China National United Oil Corp. (Chinaoil) as Vice President in charge of crude oil and natural gas international trading, during which he headed a team that completed the crude oil supply for the Sino-Russian long distance pipeline, Sino- Kazakhstan long distance crude oil pipeline, as well as the oil and gas pipelines from Myanmar to Kunming City, Southeast China. In 2009, he led his team to the successful procurement of the signing of the long term natural gas supply contract with the Turkmenistan Government for Turkmenistan – China natural gas pipelines which lead all the way to Hong Kong. In July of 2009, Mr. Liu was appointed by the CNPC Board of Directors as the Chairman of China Petroleum Engineering and Construction Corp. During his chairmanship, he led his team to the successful completion of the Engineering, Procurement and Construction of the Niningxia Refinery, CPF1 project in Iraq Al Waha Oil Fields, the Jingtel Refinery in Niger and the Ndjamena Refinery in Chad. By the end of 2011, he started to work as the senior consultant at CNPC’s Consulting Center until his appointments in CEFC International Limited.